Writing is hard. Believe it or not, business, politics and red tape all get in the way when trying to write fair and honest articles about the world of entertainment.

That’s where Blunt Instruments comes in. Our team of experienced writers have a lot of history writing for other sites, or for their own blogs, and they all have one thing in common: they enjoy writing and they want to give you their honest, uncompromising opinions on comics, books, films, games, television shows, music and more, both new and old.

Blunt Instruments puts artistry and truth ahead of business, with a view to telling you what we like (or don’t like) and why, without a reliance on arbitrary scores. It’s not just reviews you’ll find here though, as our writers also deliver previews, features, news and editorials across a range of topics related to all forms of entertainment. Importantly, our writers can write about what they want, when they want, supporting their own sites and blogs within our framework.

We hope you’ll enjoy Blunt Instruments and value our mission statement: to bring you honest opinions on all types of entertainment.

If you want to join us, or just have a chat, then email us at thebluntinstrumentshq@gmail.com or find us on Twitter using @InstrumentsThe (#BluntInstruments).

Thanks for supporting us, and make sure you let us know what you think of the site and its content; we’re here to write the stuff we want to write, but just as importantly, the things you want to read.

Enjoy the site,

Chris, Zoe & Reece

Founders of Blunt Instruments

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