TV Pick of the Day – Sunday 2 October

Film fan and Cillian Murphy addict Zoe Butcher has a thriller for tonight’s pick…

mv5bndi0nzizodyyn15bml5banbnxkftztcwndu3mjezmw-_v1_sy1000_cr0015341000_al_What is it: Red Eye (2005)

When is it: Channel 4, 11:05pm

A young woman is forced to assist a hired killer with the assassination of a politician. Sadly, the politician is not Donald Trump.

This is a fun, if slightly (very) silly thriller from director Wes Craven. Cillian Murphy (swoon) is suitably dead-eyed and menacing as the assassin and Rachel McAdams successfully sheds her Mean Girls persona to become a decent heroine. Also this film was made during the period where all movies had to feature Brian Cox in some role or other. So Brian Cox is in it too.


Watch it for: The psycho stylings of Cillian Murphy. Moderate thrills. 


Zoe Butcher


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