TV Pick of the Day – Friday 30 September

TV creature of the night Zoe Butcher has another horror of a pick for tonight…


What is it: The Strain, Season 3 Episode 4 ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’

When is it: W, 9pm

With The Master decapitated last week the rest of the strigoi are….well basically they’re titting about a lot. Random attacks with no purpose and impossible to predict. Fet wants to celebrate but Quinlan and Setrakian need proof that The Master is truly gone….

Another great episode even if we obviously know that The Master isn’t gone (it’s only halfway through the season plus we all saw that gross worm wiggling away down the drain last week). Also YAY for Quinlan not being dead….undead…..whatever.


Watch it for: Quinlan, grumpy Setrakian, a deeply yucky attack.

Zoe Butcher



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