TV Pick of the Day – Wednesday 28 September

TV fan and botanical boffin Zoe Butcher has a bonkers Bake Off episode for tonight’s pick…

Great British Bake Off

What is it: The Great British Bake Off ‘Botanical Week’

When is it: BBC1, 8pm

Now I’m not suggesting for one second that the Bake Off might have run out of ideas and maybe a break (I’m choosing to view the move to Channel 4 as a break because clearly I won’t be watching it and the BBC will produce another superior baking show for me to watch instead) is actually a GOOD thing but, what with ‘Batter Week’ and now ‘Botanical Week’, they seem to have either run short of ideas or perhaps been inhaling too much crème pat.

Still, I’ll  be tuning in regardless to see what plant-based products the hapless bakers come up with. There’s only a few shows to go *sad face*.


Watch it for: Because it’s nearly the end. Sob.


Zoe Butcher



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