TV Pick of the Day – Tuesday 27 September

TV fan and Zoe Butcher has an eye-opening watch for tonight’s pick…


What is it: Ambulance Episode 1 of 3

When is it: BBC 1, 9pm

This first in a three-part documentary series reveals the dilemmas faced by the London Ambulance Service. This week we see the emergency service attempt to save a father of two.

Obviously the reason I’m recommending this is  100% due to the phenomenal service that is provided by London’s ambulance crews and nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the chap featured in the promo shot above is fabulously good-looking. Nope, nothing to do with that AT ALL. Because that would be shameful. Ahem.


Watch it for: An education into the men and women busting their asses to save our asses every single day. And also that guy in the picture. 


Zoe Butcher


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