TV Pick of the Day – Monday 26 September

TV fan Zoe Butcher has a serious pick for tonight’s viewing – if you’re up late enough…

In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races

What is it: Trump vs Clinton Live: US Presidential Debate

When is it: Channel 4, 1:45am

Now although we in the UK have had our fair share of monumental fuckups lately (cough Brexit cough), none of them can quite compare to the epic disaster unfolding across the pond as the Americans are forced to chose between a racist, psychopathic narcissist and, shock horror, a strong woman.

If you believe the polls it is neck and neck so this live debate could swing it either way. Clinton has the intelligence and the debating skills so should win but Trump has the ability to appear convincing whilst blatantly making shit up as he goes along, so who the hell knows.


Watch it for: More like watch it with – an impending sense of doom.


Zoe Butcher



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