Meet The Instruments

You’ll see many faces pop up on the site and this list will no doubt grow with time. For now, get to know a bit more about the main people behind Blunt Instruments.

Chris Orr

A self-admitted geek, Chris spends his days working, at the gym, or playing video games. Occasionally he finds time to write about stuff too. And very occasionally he remembers he has a wife he needs to spend time with (but usually he forgets). Loving comic books, music, films and video games, there’s not a geek-topic on the planet he won’t pretend to know about.

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Reece Morris-Jones

He may be freakishly handsome, a writer beyond compare and perhaps just the slightest bit arrogant, but by day Reece humbly spends his days helping the elderly. By night, he writes and entertains his partner, who somehow puts up with his intolerable bullshit. But really he does this all for you, our dear readers.

Yes, people do punch him. A lot.

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Zoe Butcher

Depending on who you ask Zoe Butcher is either a) a thirty something mum of one with a tendency to adopt cats and give them bizarre names, b) a university drop out with a fledgling writing career or c) a short-arsed weirdo with OCD, a twisted sense of humour and an epic collection of horror and thriller DVDs. OK, most people go with option c.


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